Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Montreal Fashion Week and Grand Prix

Montreal is very animated right now between Fashion Week and the Grand Prix.

Fashion Week is downtown. They've installed a podium on McGill Street for brands to show their new clothes. I've seen the Reebok show during my lunch break...

It is fun but I have to say I stopped eating my sandwich to start a new diet! They are soooo thin.

There are a few activities on the street, with different sponsored kiosks... I even got a free disposable razor LOL

The other big event is the Grand Prix of Montreal.

Crescent Street and downtown are decorated with black & white banners and driving suits, in every store and restaurant.
The race is not until Sunday but the Formula 1 cars will be here on the racetrack starting Friday. I have a ticket for Saturday (got it for free), I'm so happy, it will be the first time I see a Formula 1 race :))

I hope the weather will be with us!