Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I have a new internet provider!

(this post is NOT sponsored)

I finally changed my internet provider. Last month I wanted to use Acanac, but when I called they told me that DSL was not available at my place... which was weird since I've been using DSL for two years!

I called back two days ago to see if now I could use their services, and YES !!! (I have no idea what changed)

I am really happy cause I'm gonna save a lot of money. With my previous provider I was paying $42 a month (tax included). With Acanac I pay $18.95 a month (tax included) !!! And still unlimited high speed internet

The only thing with Acanac, is that I have to pay for the whole year in one shot. I've payed $277 (which include a deposit for the modem).

Please contact me for a referral :)