Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to have a good price?? just ask for it!

I went shooping with a friend of mine. She needed a digital camera. We went downtown and visited Futureshop, Dumoulin and the Source.

She found the one she wanted at the Source: a cute, blue, 8 mega pixels camera, not too expensive.

At the cash register, I tell her that it is time to ask for a good price, since she also needed a SD card.

She couldn't do it, so I asked myself!

Me "and if she buys both the camera and the SD card, does she get a better price???"

The seller "Unfortunately no, the store is a franchise, I can't"
I look at him with a very sad face (it's so good to be a girl!)

The seller "all right! I'm checking if there is a promo or something"

"Hey, you are lucky, I forgot about this promo!" (yeah right...)

She got her SD card half price + a case for the camera for free.
Not bad :)) !

Morality : always ask for a price, it works very often!