Monday, June 23, 2008

Thank you emergency fund!

On Saturday I got out of my appartment to do a little job, I try to put the key into the lock, doesn't work, the lock is stuck...

I take off the cylinder (which is easy since it's been broken for months), I check it: yep, stuck.

I realize I cannot go out out without locking my door since it doesn't close right when I don't lock and since I had a my laptop stolen last year at my appartment.

I try to contact my landlord, she doesn't answer, so I call a locksmith (I don't want to stay here for the whole weekend!)

Cost of repair: $177 Arrrgh

In this kind of situation, I feels really good to have an emergency fund. $177 is not that much, but still, thanks to my fund I won't have to modify my budget :)

This morning I've sent a letter to my landlord to ask for a reimbursement. I hope it won't take too long, but knowing her and her laziness, it will probably take several weeks. We'll see...