Friday, May 9, 2008

Are you frugal or cheap?

Here is a fun little test borrowed from Moolanomy

Are You Frugal Or Cheap?

1. Do you eat out (not counting lunches at work)?
1. All the time
2. 2-3 times a week
3. 2-3 times a month
4. Never

2. When you eat out, do you?
1. I order whatever I crave
2. Order an entree for each person and take leftover to go
3. Share our meals to save some money
4. I don’t eat out!

3. What do you drive?
1. The latest and greatest 2 years lease can buy
2. I buy new car every few years
3. I always buy used car
4. I don’t own a car

4. What kind of TV do you have?
1. 1080 HDTV, of course!
2. A flat screen TV, but not the latest and greatest
3.I still have the one I bought 10 years ago
4. I don’t have a TV

5. What cable/satellite package do you have?
1. Premium channel with everything under the sun
2. Just the basic channels so I can watch the news
3. Whatever I get with the rabbit ears
4. I don’t have a TV

6. You have some old clothes, do you?
1. What are you talking about, I don’t have old clothes.
2. I donate them when they get a little older
3. I turn them into rags
4. I am still wearing them

7. When you buy something, do you?
1. I buy what I want, whenever I want
2. I occasionally splurge on what I want
3. I only buy what I need, clip coupons, use discount cards, etc.
4. I avoid making any kind of purchases

8. When you receive gifts, do you?
1. I take them back to the store to trade up
2. I keep all my gifts
3. I may return or re-gift some
4. I sell them on eBay for cash

9. When you buy clothes, do you?
1. I always shop brand names
2. I usually buy when they are on sale
3. I usually shop at goodwill and thrift stores
4. I ask my friends and family for hand me downs

10. Regarding your lunches, do you?
1. I always go out to the local restaurants
2. I mostly eat low cost take out lunches
3. I occasionally pack my own lunch
4. I always pack my own lunch

Rate Yourself

For each question, give yourself: 1 point for any #1 answer, 2 points for #2, 3 points for #3, and 4 points for #4. Add up the points and rate yourself:

35+ = You’re definitely cheap
25-34 = You’re frugal. Good job!
16-24 = You’re not frugal, but you appear to be reasonable with your spending habits
10-15 = There are a lot of opportunities for you to save money


With 26, I'm frugal! YES !!!