Thursday, May 8, 2008

What would I tell my 18 year old self

This is a post idea from Debt Kid, here is what I would like to tell my 18 year-old self:

- Do you really need all those CDs and DVDs bought brand new on the day they came out? You will only listen to them once and then they will be 'abandonned' on the shelf.

- Your friends are important. Always try to keep in touch.

- Don't choose your orientation just looking for what subject will be the most fun. Research to find a subject that will be useful later.

- Spend time with your grand father...

- Don't buy a computer on credit. Save up and then buy it. Do the same for all your dream purchases.

- Learn! Learn everything you can. If you have time, use it cleverly, don't spend it watching TV, be productive.

- Start learning guitar, or piano or any instrument. Make yourself an expert.

God I would like to go back in time sometimes!!!


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