Monday, May 12, 2008

My groceries expenses this week

This week I didn't spend much on groceries. I went to Costco and to my usual groceries store, I spent a total of $50.

I don't have my receipt with me, but here is what I bought for $50:

Costco :
- Milk(4 l)
- soya milk (3 l)
- apples(4lb)
- strawberries
- toilet paper

Métro Inc :
- butter (200g)
- flour(500g)
- whole wheat flour (1.5kg)
- grilled salmon (2)
- bananas (5)

I use the whole wheat flour to bake my own bread, and the milk to make my own yogurts (with one liter I make 8 yogurts).
I store the apples in the fridge.

My total since the beginning of the month is $63.85/$125.