Monday, August 11, 2008

$200 richer!!!

Last weekend I babysat my bosses kids for the whole weekend.

He has three children so I was a little worried at first (I babysat them before, but never for two days straight).

But it turned out to be a fun weekend, even though we almost lost the dog in the park! His collar went off when he decided to run after a squirrel. Fortunately, a policeman found him, we picked him up at the police station :p

For the rest of the weekend we played games and watched movies.

And I got $200!!!! :))))


writingiswriting said...

You should have charged more.

Frugaleconome said...

You think? I don't know cause they pay me good money when I come on evenings, $60 for two hours, so I didn't want to ask too much for the weekend.

Canadian Saver said...

Oh I think that's really good!! Kinda scary about the dog though... glad you found him again!

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