Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What ??!!! Again !!!

This morning I've checked my ING Direct account and had a very bad surprise. Their interests rate went down, again!

When I opened my account, they had a 3.65% interest rate, which was kind of cool.
Then, two months ago, interests went down to 3.30%.

And now 3.00% !!! Is it a joke !

How long will they keep going down like this. Instead of spending all their money in commercial, they could pay a decent amount to their existing customers!

Now I let it out and I feel kind of better :p


Canadian Saver said...

I have accounts with ICICI bank, PC Financial and HSBC also. I just follow the higher rates... Right now it's HSBC that's paying 4.75%, but only until May 2nd... then who knows how low it's gonna go? I remember back in 2003-2004, the rates were around 2.25% at ING..........