Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My May budget

Food : $125.00
I've entered Krystal's Groceries Challenge. Last month I had a $150.00 budget and I made it! I don't think it will be a lot harder, but we'll see.

Eating out: $85.00
That's about $20.00 a week. If I order the cheapest and drink water, I'll stay in budget.

Entertainement: $140.00
I know it's a lot. But with the warm weather coming, I know I will spend more on the weekends.

Miscelleaneous: $70.00

Gas: $10.00
I ride a scooter

RRSP: $200.00

Debt: $570.00
I'm almost done with that debt, only $1075 to go!

vacations: $50.00

emergency fund: $40.00