Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I've done to save money

I've decided to become a saver about a year ago. Before that, I didn't really pay attention to my money. Here are the things I've done in the pas 12 months to save money:

- opened different ING saving accounts (EF, vacation, scooter, RRSP, TFSA)
- Opened ING 1 ½ year GIC at 4%.
- Changed my credit card to get 1% cash back.
- closed my landline and got a good deal on a cell phone plan
- bought a soy-milk maker
- Bought a yogurt maker (combined with the soy-milk maker, a yogurt cost me 0.03$).
- Bought a bread maker
- Subscribed to Opinion Outpost and PineCone (surveys companies).
- Got hired by 3 mystery shopping companies and make 3 or 4 assignments a week.
- Babysit on occasions.
- Worked on an Excel spreadsheet to create a good budget
- Asked for a raise
- bought a Diva Cup
- bought white vinegar and baking soda to clean my apartment
- Got used to bringing my lunch everyday at work.
- Shopped at Goodwill for clothes.
- Used coupons at the grocery store

And last but not least

I read PF blogs everyday to keep going!!!


Pushing30 said...

Nice post. It has a nice happy spirit to it, which is what we need in this time of economic turmoil!

Some of your action items are great and I must add them to my list. We've actually done a lot of the same things believe it or not!

Anyways, keep up the good work!

FruGal said...

Hi there, this is my first visit to your site, and it looks great!

I think you have made some very positive steps towards creating a more secure financial situation for yourself. You should be very proud of the progress you've made, and I agree that there is no better motivator than reading other PF blogs!

I'm going to keep reading along! :)

Dawn said...

Terrific list - it's awesome that you realize how important all those small steps are in achieving your financial goals!

Canadian Saver said...

You do have a great list, yep! All those things added up are going to make a big difference!

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