Thursday, August 14, 2008

Telus to charge incoming text messages...

I got my new cell phone last month, with a brand new three years contract. I can't complaint about my contract since I got a $20 deal including voice mail.

But I just received my first invoice saying that starting August 24th, incoming text messages will be charged $0.15 per message! I call that stealing!!! I'm not responsible for people sending me messages, it would be like paying for everything the mailman is bringing me... no way!

I called Telus to have more information about it and he told me I should add a $5.00 deal to my account so that incoming text messages would be free.... Hellooooo, I don't want to pay $0.15, so I won't pay $5.00 for sure!!!

I was pretty pissed so I told him to just block my text messaging account, I don't care, I have voice mail, and (in my head) I made a point :p


Canadian Saver said...

Yeah this was all over the news a couple weeks ago... I don't text but I have received the odd message (spam) so it'll be annoying to pay for those. I should get it blocked too!

Grad Student said...

For a while it looked like the federal government wanted to do something about it. But these now look more like empty threats and Bell is already charging me. If customers want to get a deal when buying a cell phone, they are forced to tie themselves up with a three years contract. Bell and Telus knows it and now they are abusing this situation to squeeze more money out of their client.

Only two years left to my contract with Bell, and in the mean time, I will block my txt msgs as well.