Thursday, August 21, 2008

Soy-milk maker???

I'm thinking about buying a soy-milk maker. It is pretty expensive ($150), but it may be a good investment.

I would make my own milk, knowing exactly what's in it, for about $0.60 a liter, which is very cheap comparing to $3.50 for store bought soy milk.

I could even make tofu and yogurt with it. I already make my own yogurts with cow milk. I make 10 yogurts with a liter of milk. At $1.50 a liter of cow milk, a home made yogurt cost me $0.15.

With home-made soy-milk, a yogurt would cost me $0.06! :P

I read Skinny Bitch this week and decided to eat less dairy products (I got scared with all those hormones and antibiotics stories :P).

So the soy-milk maker is probably a good idea, but I'll keep on searching for a cheaper one on the internet.


Canadian Saver said...

Very interesting! I never knew these existed.