Monday, July 28, 2008

I spent a lot yesterday

Yesterday we rented a car with a friend of mine. We wanted to go have a swim in a nice lake, 150 km away from Montreal.

The weather was perfect, we had a good time bathing and sunbathing :)

We brought food to have a picnic: a tuna quiche and a home-made brownie (Yummmm).

This morning my friend told me that the car had cost us $111.00! Ouch!!!
I knew gas was getting expensive but this is crazy!

Anyway, I'm still glad we had a good time :)


Canadian Saver said...

Sounds like a good time though!!

Renting a car is expensive yes, but you don't have to pay for maintenance and registration and all the other stuff that go with car ownership!!

Frugaleconome said...

Yes it's true. Since I don't need one to go to work, it's a lot cheaper to rent cars a few times a year.