Saturday, July 12, 2008

Healthy or fast food?

Last night I went to a Just fo Laughs gala with a friend. I bought the tickets last minute so we got a 'pay for one get two' deal. The ticket cost me $37.00 and the show was sooooo funny and we had great seats. It was the Florence Foresti gala, I love her she is such a great comedian.

The festival is on for another week, I hope I'll get other good deals :)

After the show we were hungry. We had two choices:
Mac Donald's or Thai food
which means:
Fast food or healthy food
greasy food or grilled food

But which also means:
cheap food or expensive food

We opted for Thai, health is more important than money anyway.
It cost me $21.00 but it was the best choice.

So I spent a total of $58.00 last night, but I feel good about it, I had fun.