Saturday, July 5, 2008


I went for groceries today, everything is getting so expensive.

A few months ago whole wheat flour was just $3.45, today I paid $4.29! I wonder if it is going to stop.

Here is what I bought:

whole wheat flour $4.29
soya milk $3.99
Apricots $6.75 (I know it is expensive but I just love apricots :P)
yeast $4.39 (I use it for bread)
oatmeal $3.19
baby carrots $1.69
bananas $1.34
apples $3.99

Total: 29.63


Canadian Saver said...

I've been finding prices here pretty stable, so far. Except probably bread prices.

I love apricots too!! You must have gotten a lot of them for that price :-)