Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frugal painting

As I said before, I ride a scooter.

Two weeks ago, someone bumped it with his car (stupid!), and of course, it fell down leaving scratches all over it.

I was so mad!

I thought about having it repainted but it would have cost me like $200 which the insurance wouldn't reimburse since I have a $250 deductible (thief!).

Then I remembered a commercial: a fancy women get out of her red car and realizes that it has a scratch. She looks at her finger nails and decide to cover the scratch with nail polish!


I went to the pharmacy, bought some cheap black nail polish (the girl at the cash must have thought I was Gothic) and covered my scooter with it.

It worked very well for $3... instead of $200 :)))

So when I decide to buy a car, I'll buy a black or red car for sure :p


SavingDiva said...

Aren't there the little as seen on tv things that you can buff the color together or something?

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