Monday, May 5, 2008

Second-hand clothes

This weekend, I needed to buy new clothes especially for work.

I couldn't afford to spend too much on clothes this month, so I've decided to go to a second-hand clothes store.

I admit that at first I was a little reluctant to buy clothes there. For me, you could only find ugly and damaged stuffs, otherwise why would people give them!

Huge surprise for me, I made some good discoveries! I bought black pants and two tops, all looked brand new and were quality fabric!

Why would those clothes be in a second-hand clothes store??? Maybe the owners had lost or gained too much weight???

Expenses 13$

I'll go back for sure :))


Canadian Saver said...

I think shopping at second hand stores is a great idea, but I can't always find good stuff while I'm there. My mom consistently finds Polo Ralph Lauren shirts for my dad, so you'd think he paid $80/shirt instead of $2!

I think it all depends on when you go... but they are indeed very popular here!

Frugaleconome said...

Ralph Lauren for $2 !!! Your mother is very lucky :p