Friday, May 30, 2008

Oops, I spoke too fast!

In yesterday's post I was saying I didn't have urges to spend anymore... well that was until two hours ago, before I went to see Sex & and the City :p

Now I want a new pair of shoes and a Macbook!!!


I really liked the movie but I think it is more for the fan of the tv show(like me :p). It is so nice to see those characters again.

People that didn't watch the show may think this is boring cause it is more like an epilogue to the series.

Oh yes, now it's time for a good Cosmo and a pair of Manolos:p
I said no !!! :)))


Canadian Saver said...

Thanks for the review!! I can't wait to see it also :-) There's been soooooooooooo much hype about it!

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